Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Blog

Hello bloggers, check out my new blog site.
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thanks Ms. Eve

Hello everyone, sorry no posting in like a week, caught a flu and just stop coughing the other day. I have so much catching up to do... anyways, I won again Yay! I won 2 prices in 1 week, so exciting! It was my birthday so i thought that it was like a gift from my co-blogger ^_^

Check out my NYX prices:

- Jumbo iced mocha and purple eyeshadow pencil
- Color combination for your eyes only eyeshadow
- Mocha pearl and purple pearl powder eyeshadow
- Eggplant eyeshadow
- Lip smacking fun color in orange soda
- Color design "the new pink"
- Whipped round lip gloss
- For nails set

LOVE it!

Thank you Ms. Eve "xLovelyMakeupx"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanks Ms. Susie

First time winning a giveaway.. Yay!
Check out what my prices are.
- Black Jordana eyeliner
- Silver glitter pencil from Hot Topic
- White Prestige eyeliner
- Silver Milani eyeshadow
- Dark blue Milani eyeshadow
- Pink Incolor Jordana lip gloss
- Baby blue Roll on powder FX
- Givenchy sample perfume
- Mini perfume, smells good, i don't know if it's from Hollister kinda familliar smell.
- Hair bow pin and pink cute wallet.

All from the generous Sweetcheeks
Thank you ^_^

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Contest Entry (CLOSED)

My Entry
Pangie's Harajuku Stye Contest
Click HERE to Join too

What I Used:

- Black, White, with Blueish Scarf
- Baby Phat Top Yellow and some other colors
- Forever 21 Mini Dress Blue
- Long Socks Rainbow
- Nike Air Shoes Silver and Baby Blue

- Colorimpact Eyeshadow Light Blue
- San san Lipstick Red
- AVON Mascara Black
- AVON Eye Liner Black
- Blush Pink and the Shimmer Glitter Light Pink was from those make up kit you can buy from Walmart .
- For my hair I just braded the left side, and for the right side i made it like a bow, and just pony tail for left part hair.
- Herbal Essences Moose
- Lots of Hair Pin and Sanrio
- Flower Earing and Braded Hairband Cute!

*The picture keep rotating everytime I upload the picture for the make up, sorry.* Yay! I finally did it, I thought I won't be able to join I was worrying about my hair, because i used to have a long hair and i just cut it. ) : But I'm so happy! ^_^ Pictue was taken last night. Hope it's ok that changed the background for my entry, the room was too messy. LOL ^_^

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

AVON Orders Haul

This is for Campaign-21 Order came Oct. 10

Includes: NEW

~ Twinkle & Shine Eye Liner
15 fl. oz.
orig. $3.50 intro special $2.99

~Urban Flowers London, Paris, and New York Eau de Toilette Spray
1 fl. oz.
orig. $12.00 intro special $9.99