Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thanks Ms. Eve

Hello everyone, sorry no posting in like a week, caught a flu and just stop coughing the other day. I have so much catching up to do... anyways, I won again Yay! I won 2 prices in 1 week, so exciting! It was my birthday so i thought that it was like a gift from my co-blogger ^_^

Check out my NYX prices:

- Jumbo iced mocha and purple eyeshadow pencil
- Color combination for your eyes only eyeshadow
- Mocha pearl and purple pearl powder eyeshadow
- Eggplant eyeshadow
- Lip smacking fun color in orange soda
- Color design "the new pink"
- Whipped round lip gloss
- For nails set

LOVE it!

Thank you Ms. Eve "xLovelyMakeupx"


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I changed my URL to :) you used to follow me on Just thought I'd give you a heads up :D if you were wondering what happened. take care sweetie. ;P MUAH!

  2. congratulation on your two prizes and belated happy birthday!!